A new way to grab your gear!

It's a multi-purpose pistol grip and versatile mount for  tablets, smartphones, cameras, and more. Here are the details. 

  • Ergonomic design to reduce stress on hands and wrists, Provides many different hand positions to help prevent injury from repetitive motions
  • Heavy-duty, ultra-secure suction cup for hands free mounting and standing
  • Universal threaded tri pod adapter mount for any type and size device.
  • Combined hands-free stand and pistol grip for multi-dimensional purposes.
  • Made of strong, durable material designed to withstand extreme environments
  • Manufactured and Assembled in Portland, OR USA
  • Ideal for use with GoPros as a suction mount, monopod stand and comfortable grip

Durable. Versatile. Simple. Fun.

You probably have a lot of handheld devices? Tablets, phones, cameras, and more -- But are they always easy to hold and stand?  As tablets and phones continue to get larger and cameras seem to get tinier they also become harder to handle. Various stands and mounts are available for different types of gadgets, Gerp wants to simplify those by offering an all-in-one grip, mount, and stand that can handle most any type of gadget.

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