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Direct pull strength can easily handle 10 - 15 lbs - The side ways break strength is a bit different due to the leverage factor of the handle. During testing we have maxed out the suction cup.many times and have found it be more than sufficient to hold all manner of devices some weighing over 5 pounds.

For Fun we attached the suction to a world war II era Gieger counter that weighed over 12 lbs. The Gerp was able to handle this without a problem. 

However - Please adhere to our list of operational guidelines to help prolong the life of your Gerp.

The Gerp without any attachments weights 4.6 ounces

The Gerp does float for several hours without any attachements. The Gerp will also float with a GoPro attached to the 1/4-20 base. The Gerp when fitted with the "steady swivel" does not float. 

We've found that Gerp get's a lot of attention when we have it out in Public so we figured we'd just make it even more apparent that Gerp is in the house! Actually in testing we've found the color to be quite helpful for people to qucikly locate and find their gear. Some of the situations where this made senses to us.

  • In the water - Gerp is visible and will float suction cup end up so the green cup makes it easier to find if you should let go or drop it.
  • This color is also great for seeing where your camera is in the snow, mud or dirt. No Gerps left behind, that's our motto.
  • It's also helpful when used in a dark warehouse. There's a reason safety gear is bright! Don't let your employees wander too long while looking for your inventory control device.
  • We just like bright colors. Your gear is expensive and cool and we think your mounts should help show it off. 

The Standard color is a Black unit with either a green or black suction cup. We will also have the Green grip as a standard offering. The pictures in the store represent current availability. The additional colors and styles seen in the store are online specials only. We have partnered with a local liquid printing business to make small batch runs of handles with unique graphics and colors. 

Our goal is to offer color customization in the future but for now the choices available are limited as we grow and scale. We can however create custom units on a per project basis.

There are four common reasons that suction fails:

1. <!--StartFragment-->The suction cup is dirty. It is important to make sure that you have a clean suction cup before applying it to your iPad. A stray hair can cause a suction cup which usually holds for days to only hold  for hours. 

2.The Gerp is not placed properly on the tablet. It is important to make sure to follow the instructions and avoid allowing the edge of the suction to intersect the logos on certain tablets. 

*NOTE: The apple logo on less than 1% of iPads can leak air. Apple manufactures iPads to have an airtight seal around the logo to prevent liquids and other debris from getting into the iPad, but sometimes the logo’s seal fails. We see this is much more common on older iPad models. 

4. The suction cup is defective. We work hard to ensure quality in all of our products, but sometimes a lemon still gets through.

The best step to take is to place a clean Gerp onto a clean pane of glass and see if the problem persists. Suction cup and ratchet mechanism are tested on glass prior to packaging and shipping.

If the results of this test yield positive results and your Gerp stays on the glass for more than 24 hour then it is probably the cleanliness of cup or mounting surface, or an leaky apple logo.

Otherwise, if it still releases quickly, send an email to and   we can further assist you and see about replacing the unit in question.. Be sure to include as much information as possible in your email, such as your name, when & where you bought it, and how long it held during the glass test.


. The Gerp is only suitable for non-porous surfaces, such as glass, ceramic tiles, polished stone, heavily lacquered wood, and smooth fiberglass,  plastics and resins.

We do not recommend mounting on lightly lacquered wood, walls, granite, and other non-porous surfaces that allow air to seep into the suction when mounted.

As always we recommend you do your own testing on surfaces before mounting expensive gear in precarious situations. 

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The suction works on well on many cases but with the ever expanding number of options available we cannot guarantee it wlll work on all of them. We are planning however to provide adhesive mounting plates for devices in such scenarios. We advise verifying a device or case is Gerpable prior to purchase. 

The Gerp has been built to be easily washed and cleaned. It can be run through the dishwasher or hand washed with soap and water. When cleaning the suction cup specifically we recommend using alcohol swabs or warm soapy water. * For best results let both the mounting surface and suction cup dry completely before mounting.

The ratchet release is simple. While pushing in on the Gerp to release some of the pressure you simultaneously pull the gray ratchet levers out away from the unit at the same time pulling them towards the grip portion of the device.  

NOTE: We designed this process to be a deliberate actions so as not to have a user accidentally bump the ratchet and have it release unexpectedly during use.  - Please watch the videos provided and refer to your product information card as well. If you think the device is defective or broken then contact us and we will exchange it. 

The Gerp is 100% manufactured and assembled in the USA at this time.

The steady swivel mount is made manufactured and assembled in Texas and Gerp has an agreement to sell this product.

The GoPro tripod mount and Smart Phone mount are both imported from China at this time. 

Currently we are in a growth process and have made a choice to sell direct to consumer via this website ONLY. We are however having conversations with distributors. With strong online sales we plan to grow and scale with retail partners and other online stores. 

If we told you we’d have to kill you! Haha,  just kidding! Most of the product is made from various plastics. Different parts have different considerations due to function of those specific parts. The metal pin, spring and screws are all made from stainless and rust resistant materials. 

We recommend changing the position and reapplying the Gerp every 24 - 36 hours especially as it pertains to tablet use or with unprotected devices.

If you are using the Gerp on a windscreen or a clean glass surface then the suction wil hold for a much longer period of time. We have many users who maintain the Gerp has held steady for months at a time. Our own testing experience has been the same, but in the end it's very subjective to the user and the use case scenario. 

Want to learn more about suction cups?

If your interested in more tips and tricks and information about using your GERP as a suction mount then please proceed!