Gather round the iPad and stream your team!

 The world's most versatile grip 

Whether you own an iPad, Smart Phone, GoPro or other camera gear, the Gerp is a handy and versatile companion which makes holding and mounting devices simple, convenient and fun! 

GERP works great for reading on ELECTRONIC BOOK READERS while laying down or lounging. Get comfortable with your E Book Readers and Tablets. Works on Samsung Galaxy, ipad, and many other popular Electronic Readers.
Gerp helps you sit up straight and hold your devices in ergonomically correct ways. Gerp works on Smart Phones, Tablets, Electronic Readers, and all sorts of Camera Equipment. Kids love the product and it works great in the car.
Get comfortable with your electronic devices and tablet computers. Gerp Works great for allowing multiple viewing angels and comfortable sitting and lounging positions while you are using your electronic cool gadgets.
The best grip for lounging or laying and using your mobile gear like tablet computers, and smartphones. Get a grip on and get more comfortable with the Gerp iPad and Kindle grip


                                MSRP - Normally $99.95


  • GERP Grip and Suction Mount - Comes with Dual 1/4"-20 ports - Choice of GREEN or BLACK handle  
  • Steady Swivel - Universal Double Ball Mount - Clamps down tight for secure steady positioning
  • GoPro Tripod adapter and thumb screw- 1/4"-20 to GoPro mount - use on either end of your GERP
  • 1/4" -20 Adapter screw - male to male - Adapt and unite any configuration of camera, phone, and other tripod accessories
  • Smart Phone Mount - with dual 1/4"-20 ports - (can handle smart phones up to 3.5" wide - other sizes available 

Endless Possibilities & Countless Practical Applications:

Do like to binge watch Netflix in bed?
Easily find a more comfortable position while reading on your device. Use it as a stand and forget about propping up your tablet with pillows. Once you use the Gerp you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Are you an artist, student or creative type?
Get a steady and comfortable grip on your tablet while using your stylus, take notes at school or at a business event. Make it easy for your kids to play their favorite video games, and watch educational programs.  

Do you enjoy sharing pictures and videos?
Whether you're planning a wedding with your iPad or video chatting with friends, the Gerp makes the experience comfortable and easy. Spend more time 


The Details

Gerp is a  multi-purpose pistol grip and versatile mount for  smartphones, cameras, tablets and more. Here are the details.

  • Ergonomic design to alleviate stress on hands and wrists, reduce fatigue, and protect from injury.
  • Heavy-duty, ultra-secure ratcheting suction cup for hands-free mounting.
  • Universal threaded 1/4-20 adapter mount for any type and size device.
  • Combined hands-free stand and pistol grip for multi-dimensional purposes.
  • Made of strong, durable material designed to withstand extreme environments
  • Ideal for use with GoPro users as both a mount and grip.

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