=   Versatile | Ergonomic | Grip

So what's with the funny name?

 Well to put it simply - Gerp was conjured up to be a fun play on the words VERSATILE - ERGONOMIC and GRIP.

 So what's the definition of Ergonomic?

Intended to provide optimum comfort and to avoid stress or injury.

What does this mean for you?

It means the hand placement possibilities are endless. As a tablet grip the Gerp makes it easy to change hands and positions especially during long bouts of reading or watching videos. 

There are other devices that attempt to solve the problem but they also leave you with 1 hand position usually just palm up. Gerp allows for endless comfortable and fun handling positions.

All images were drawn digitally with the help of a Gerp


  • GERP Grip and Suction Mount - Comes with Dual 1/4"-20 ports - Choice of GREEN or BLACK handle  
  • Steady Swivel - Universal Double Ball Mount - Clamps down tight for secure steady positioning
  • GoPro Tripod adapter and thumb screw- 1/4"-20 to GoPro mount - use on either end of your GERP
  • 1/4" -20 Adapter screw - male to male - Adapt and unite any configuration of camera, phone, and other tripod accessories
  • Smart Phone Mount - with dual 1/4"-20 ports - (can handle smart phones up to 3.5" wide - other sizes available (Please email us with questions about other mounts and accessories)  
As intelligent beings living in complex bodies in a complex world, tools that help us to naturally utilize our best body mechanics while engaging in our activities are invaluable in my opinion.

Postural patterns of dysfunction seem to me to exist in all of us. Habits form easily and understandably while we move through our environments, like leaning sideways while you wait in line, or a tendency to cross your legs.

These commonly engaged in muscular use patterns cause restriction, or shortening of the muscles, in an imbalanced manor which leads to what we come to think of as normal discomfort or pain. While simply stopping these actions of imbalanced body mechanics won't automatically unwind a restricted (knotted muscle tissue) feeling body, with some intentional manual release, I've experienced seeing incredible improvement.

When introduced to the GERP, I couldn't have been more excited! Here is a tool that not only encourages but gently commands one to use balanced body mechanics while using a smart phone or tablet for work or play. I love using mine!

Having used it only a short time thus far, I have already observed a shift in the regular discomforts that previously existed in my structure, due to improved form, and a natural reduction in the perpetuation of patterns of postural dysfunction. Thank you GERP!

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