The Gerp Grip Shield stands for durability, quality in camera gear accessories, and camcorder grips . We strive to make great products that people will feel comfortable using with many GoPros and DSLR Cameras.

The Ultimate Digital Camera Accessory

Durable  |  Versital  |  Simple  |  FUN

Gerp is proudly made in the USA

One camera accessory  - so many useful options

Whether you have an old CAMCORDER or a brand new GoPro Hero 4, the GERP camera accessory is a great addition to your photography bag. Grab your gear and go! Gerp allows you to combine all your favorite camera accessories. Gerp has a standard 1/4"-20 tripod mount in the base of the handle and in the top of the suction cup. This allows for endless uses with all sorts of digital camera brands like contour action cameras. We are sure you will find many uses even for an HD camcorder. The suction mount is very strong and can hold the weight of most cameras and accessories. 

The world's most versatile grip!

The Gerp has standard tripod mounts to allow it to be paired with all types of cameras and camcorders. Digital cameras of all size fit on the Gerp and can be mounted with the suction cup or handled with the camera grip.

Tablet - Smartphone - GoPro - Camera

You probably have a lot of handheld devices? Tablets, phones, cameras, and more -- But are they always easy to hold and stand? As tablets and phones continue to get larger and cameras seem to get tinier they also become harder to handle. Various stands and mounts are available for different types of gadgets, Gerp wants to simplify those by offering an all-in-one grip, mount, and stand that can handle most any type of gadget.

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