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We are  thankful to reside in such a supportive community. Portland is home to a vast array of talented artists, creative types, and tech enthusiasts. We also have a booming start up scene and the most food carts per capita. With this we have become home to some amazing thriving small and micro businesses. We are proud to have invented a product that allows these courageous entrepreneurs   to become more efficient with their mobile payment processes.

Currently we hold a design patent and 1 utility patent with another pending.

GERP is also a trademark owned by our parent company.

IFor more information about specific patent details you can contact us and we will get you in touch with our Patent Attorney.

United States Design Patent
Patent No.: US D704.713

United States Utility Patent
Patent No.;

Simplicity is a beautiful thing

Camera Gear, Tri Pod, Gerp, GoPro, Battery, Monopod, Smart PHone MountThe Gerp grip was designed to be a unique mutli-purpose tool. Whether you use it for a grip for your gadgets or find it handy as a life hack tool , the Gerp is simple and fun to use. 

Attach whatever camera gear you can think of to the standard tripod receiver. The strong suction and sturdy build can hold all sizes of DSLR and action cameras.  Equally useful for holding and mounting other gear such as spotting scopes  range finders. smart phones, and of course tablets.

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                                MSRP - Normally $99.95


  • GERP Grip and Suction Mount - Comes with Dual 1/4"-20 ports - Choice of GREEN or BLACK handle  
  • Steady Swivel - Universal Double Ball Mount - Clamps down tight for secure steady positioning
  • GoPro Tripod adapter and thumb screw- 1/4"-20 to GoPro mount - use on either end of your GERP
  • 1/4" -20 Adapter screw - male to male - Adapt and unite any configuration of camera, phone, and other tripod accessories
  • Smart Phone Mount - with dual 1/4"-20 ports - (can handle smart phones up to 3.5" wide - other sizes available 


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Built tough to withstand all you can throw at it. Mud, snow, sand, ice...Gerp is ready! Bring it on! We dare you to push your Gerp to the limits. If you end up destroying it then make sure you catch it all on video and share it with us! #Gerpology

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