Durable. Versatile. Simple. Fun.

The GERP works with Tablets, Smartphones & Cameras

Whatever the gear you've got, we've got you covered! GERP is friendly and adaptable and plays well with all other camera equipment. Don't limit your gear to working with just one brand! Grab a GERP and find out what utility in portable camera gear is all about!
We use the Gerp to grab our iPhone and take pictures. The Gerp Grip allows for easier use and a steadier grip and it easily can be suction mounted to hold your camera or phone in good camera shooting positions.
As a smart phone stand, tablet grip, or gopro mount. The gerp has you covered. It can bring together all your favorite mobile devices and allow them to play together. Get a grip on your tablets and camera gear.
The coolest and most versatile GoPro accessory. Use the swivel mount to get that perfect angle. Suction the gerp to a window or car, or use the base plate with snow spike and stand the Gerp
Combine your GoPro and favorite tablet or smart phone to make a unique and useful camera tool. Stream your GoPro to your device and use it as a view finder. Line up that perfect action video shot, or take notes while recording an interview.
As tablets become less expensive, more available to the masses we are sure there will be some people who would like a unique way to hold their electronic tablet computer with a pistol style grip.
I love my GERP! Every tablet user needs one. After using the grip on my iPad I can't imagine not having it! - Bob Stahl
Swipe it , Spin It  . Sign It
Stylus and Tablet Grip - Drawing with your tablet computer. The Handle helps grab your computer.
Simple stand that can go and stay anywhere.

Get Your GERP

Website special: Save $10
Normally $44.95

The Most Versatile Mobile Device Accessory

"It's like a Swiss army knife for mobile photography and video creation"

Gerp is no one trick pony!

Unlock the possibilities and learn to use your devices in ways you never imagined!

Grab a GERP! 

GRIP ONLY - Website special: Save $10
Normally $44.95


  • GERP Grip and Suction Mount - Comes with Dual 1/4"-20 ports - Choice of GREEN or BLACK handle  
  • Steady Swivel - Universal Double Ball Mount - Clamps down tight for secure steady positioning
  • GoPro Tripod adapter and thumb screw- 1/4"-20 to GoPro mount - use on either end of your GERP
  • 1/4" -20 Adapter screw - male to male - Adapt and unite any configuration of camera, phone, and other tripod accessories
  •     Smart Phone Mount - with dual 1/4"-20 ports - (can handle smart phones up to 3.5" wide - other sizes available 

(Please email us with questions about other mounts and accessories)  


                                MSRP - Normally $99.95

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